May 2016

Xpand IT is having an Open Day

Xpand IT it’s opening it’s doors to Computer Engineering & Mathematics students / finalists, on May 31th (Tuesday), between 09:00am to the 18:00pm. In this event, the guests will have the opportunity to learn more about the company, its activities, core business and work. If you are one of the lucky one and get selected, you will be able get in touch with the last innovative technologies in Business Intelligence and Microsoft fields. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to contact up close with the best technology specialists and gurus!

Ana PaneiroXpand IT is having an Open Day
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Interview: “Xamarin Workshop at Universidade do Minho”

Working at Xpand IT since 2013, Dinis Vieira, is an IT Innovation and Research enthusiast, who is always trying to keep “up to date” with the most recent technologies. Most of his work has been to develop web and mobile applications, the last one being his main skill (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, jQuery Mobile). He has also done some work with Touchless technologies (Leap Motion/MS Kinect). Recently he’s been focusing on Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin.

Ana PaneiroInterview: “Xamarin Workshop at Universidade do Minho”
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Tableau Lisbon Seminar 2016 – After Event

The Tableau Lisbon Seminar 2016 was held on 5th May 2016 at Tivoli Oriente Hotel – Parque das Nações. The participants of this event represented some of the largest companies in the areas of Banking, Consulting Services, Transportation, Health, Education, Telecommunications, and others.

Ana PaneiroTableau Lisbon Seminar 2016 – After Event
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[Free e-book]: Solving Mobile Challenges with Xamarin

This ebook will inspire developers and testers to create awesome apps that users will love. Learn how to improve user experience and reduce costs using Xamarin UI Test (XUT) and Xamarin Test Cloud (XTC). As a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, we can help you kickstart your app development and automate app testing on hundreds of real devices in the cloud, automatically. Enjoy!

Ana Paneiro[Free e-book]: Solving Mobile Challenges with Xamarin
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Summer Internships 2016 | Last Call

Too busy during the school year to take on an internship? Then Xpand IT summer Internships are perfect for you! During the summer, with classes out of the way, you’ll be able to commit fully to an internship and really appreciate all the benefits it has to offer. Xpand IT will be, for sure, among your dream company so hurry to submit your application and snatch up this opportunity.

Ana PaneiroSummer Internships 2016 | Last Call
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