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Using an agile and interactive approach, our Big Data experts team can help you implement, integrate and manage a Datastax Cassandra platform that meets the performance demands of the Internet of things (loT), the web and mobile applications across many industry areas.

As a Datastax Official Partner, we help companies around the world manage the Leading Operational Database Management System in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Are you ready to implement an efficient NoSQL Strategy?

Accelerating Datastax Cassandra Adoption

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Why Datastax?

Real-Time Analytics

Your company needs to be able to make quick decisions that benefit your customers and your businesses. The DataStax platform can deliver integrated analytics on Cassandra data for enterprise systems that regularly interact with internal and external users.

That means that you can run smart analytics on transactional data, and integrate that data with historical information contained in data warehouses if needed.

Built-in Enterprise Search

While the functionality for searching may be common in recent applications, integrating search capabilities into systems built for the always-on, high-speed Internet economy can be exceptionally difficult.

DataStax Enterprise has built-in enterprise search functionality on Cassandra data, which scales and performs, ensuring the search requirements of modern Internet Enterprise applications.

Advanced Management Tools

Database maintenance functions can consume too much time of the database administration function and the operations group.

DataStax Enterprise is designed to increase the productivity of the DBA and operations groups, responsible for managing database systems by automating essential maintenance and monitoring tasks. This helps ensure maximum uptime, performance and data protection for managed database clusters.

Accelerate Innovation with Open Source

DataStax Enterprise was built on top of three open source projects: Apache Hadoop, Apache Cassandra and Apache Solr.

It is clear then that this technology supports open source software, making it the preferred data management platform for the Web, Mobile and IoT apps that need to scale and perform in distributed environments consisting of multiple data centres and/or clouds.

Cassandra Integration into your Environment

The Certified Cassandra in DataStax Enterprise was built upon open source Cassandra so it could deliver a database platform ready for all enterprise needs.

Cassandra’s unmatched architecture provides corporations with constant uptime for their transactional/operational database applications as well as a flexible data model capable of storing today’s new datatypes, and operational simplicity for easy database management.

Data Protection for All Data

Data breaches can cost both money and reputation. Therefore, protecting the data collected by your company is a top priority for database managers and security administrators.

DataStax Enterprise inherits the basic security feature set provided in open source Apache Cassandra and builds on it to provide the set of commercial security extensions that enterprises need to protect critical data.

Geographic Availability

Continuous availability across multiple geographic locations can be very demanding, and the number of companies that require this feature is growing rapidly.

Now it’s possible to send messages to other instances, no matter where those instances are and regardless of what cloud they are on, because the data is replicated via Cassandra to different data centres around the globe, which keeps the service always up and available.

No one Knows Datastax Cassandra like us

Xpand IT is a Datastax Official Partner. Our Big Data experts help companies around the world drive success from their Datastax Cassandra solutions through superior admin and development skills.

Our portfolio was designed to allow us to engage customers in various stages of their Big Data adoption journey so that we can build lasting partnership relationships with our clients.

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