We want to build true omnichannel experiences focused on every user, personalised to bring real value, and powered by the Cloud.

Our Digital Xperience business unit is focused on creating solutions that can be used in every device, anywhere; solutions that are personalised to give users the experience and content that are relevant to them. To achieve this objective, we focus on three main pillars:

  • Mobile experiences, built with technologies like Xamarin, Native Development or even Flutter – and always looking for what comes next that allows us to improve the experience we’re offering our users.
  • Web experiences, built with Microsoft technologies and Sitecore, which allow for true personalisation of content.
  • Microsoft Azure, where we focus on different PaaS workloads to power Mobile and Web experiences: from App Services to Cosmos DB; from API Management to Cognitive Services and Bots.

By combining these technologies, we can deliver meaningful experiences that will increase the relationship between users and brands in any device.

How Can We Help?


This is a discussion about the art-of-the-possible when it comes to Digital Xperiences. You bring the knowledge about your business and your challenges. We will help you understand how to build a tremendous omnichannel experience, powered by Microsoft Azure.


By understanding your needs, we will be able to choose the right components to design a solution tailored for you, which includes all the integrations with your systems.


We understand what it takes to develop a great solution, and this is what we’ll do. From UX/UI and mobile/web development to backend and integration, we understand all the variables and we know how to combine them to deliver a successful project.


When a project focuses on the experience we want our users to have, it doesn’t stop after the first implementation: you need to keep measuring and adapting – to keep tuning your platforms to what your users expect from them.

Technology Use Case

Mobile Experiences

Our smartphones are extensions of ourselves. They are a part of what we are. For this reason, our expectations grow every day – we expect the brands with which we engage to provide us with a great mobile experience.

To deliver this result, you need to understand all the variables, from User Experience to the technology you’re going to use to develop your apps. This is where we are experts: creating a mobile app your users will love and that integrates with your other channels.

Digital Xperience

Web Experiences

Every brand today has some site or portal. However, often they are not correctly maintained nor do they give a personalised experience to the users. We expect the platforms we interact with today to be able to keep providing more value as time goes by, and this is where personalisation begins.

We focus on delivering great web experiences, built on top of Microsoft technologies and Sitecore, that can integrate with other channels – like mobile. By creating an online presence that values UX/UI and personalises the content and the overall message to each user – and is maintained and grown over time – we can ensure the success of your project.

Cloud Enablement

We’ve been focusing on Microsoft Azure since day one, especially in Platform-as-a-Service workloads. Our vision is that you need to know what is “under the hood”, regarding infrastructure – you need to understand the different kinds of services available and choose the one that makes most sense for you in a specific context.

After this is clear, it’s a matter of adjusting your systems to take advantage of everything the Cloud has to offer. Most of our projects include components like App Services, Notification Hub, CosmosDB and Cognitive Services, among others. This is what made it possible for us to be a global reference partner for Azure.

Digital Xperience

Success Cases

Sonae FS real-time information

With Xpand IT help, Sonae FS now has the capacity to answer 4 times more requests compared to the beginning of the project.

Quality and safety in Fertagus

Xpand IT developed an application that would allow Fertagus train drivers to consult the general condition of the fleet.

LeasePlan in Digital Transformation

A solution was created to facilitate the management of rental contracts, as well as easily solve any potential problems with cars.

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Technologies & Partners

There are many companies focused on bringing the value proposition of AI to life with their technology stack. As a Solutions Center, we’re always looking for the best solutions, and at this moment this is our most relevant partner:


We believe that, when designed with people at the center, AI can extend your capabilities, free you up for more creative and strategic endeavours, and help you or your organisation achieve more. We’re excited about the opportunities that AI brings to people and its ability to help us to achieve more. But it’s also important to us that we build upon an ethical foundation.

As a Sitecore Partner, we are focused on helping our customers on their Digital Transformation, using our expertise in the technology as an enabler for success.

By using the best available tools and our experience, we are confident that we can deliver projects that will help you amaze your customers through the experience that you will provide to them.

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