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As a MongoDB Advanced Partner, we help companies around the world manage the leading Operational Database Management System in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. We offer an extensive range of services to ensure that your MongoDB project is successful.

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Why MongoDB?

Auto-sharding for Scalability

Auto-sharding allows MongoDB to scale from single server deployments to large multi-rack systems. Built-in replication with automated failover provides enterprise-grade reliability and operational flexibility.

MongoDB also provides drivers for most popular programming languages and frameworks to make development more natural.

Document Data Model with Dynamic Schemas

It is common for the documents in a collection to have a mostly homogeneous structure; however, with MongoDB’s dynamic schemas, you can create collections without defining the structure. You can change the structure of the documents simply by adding new fields or deleting existing ones.

Documents in a collection no longer need to have an identical set of fields, which simplifies and facilitates iterative software development using MongoDB.

Full, Flexible Index Support & Rich Queries

One particular feature of Mongo is its document-based querying language, which is MongoDB’s counterpart to Structured Query Language (SQL) in relational databases. The querying is supported using a document-based query language.

Just like MongoDB documents, this query language is essentially a JSON document that has fields that specify the values to be searched. This query document is passed as a parameter to the various methods that require documents to be filtered, such as Find and Update.

Built-in Replication and High Availability

In MongoDB there is a replica set, meaning a group of MongoDB processes that maintain the same data set. Replication provides redundancy and high availability, and is the basis for all production deployments.

Multiple copies of data on different data centres increase data locality and availability for distributed applications and provide a level of fault tolerance against the loss of a single database server.

Aggregation Framework & MapReduce

For more complex types of select type operation where the Find operator is not enough, MongoDB offers a query processing framework that allows users to build pipelines of subsequent filters and processes and leverage the full power of the shared environment: the Aggregation Framework.

For MapReduce operations – a data processing model for turning large volumes of data into useful results – MongoDB provides MapReduce as a database command. All MapReduce functions in MongoDB are JavaScript and run within MongoDB.

Large media storage with GridFS

When having problems with storing and retrieving files that exceed the BSON-document size limit of 16 MB, MongoDB provides the solution: GridFS. Instead of storing a file in a single document, GridFS divides the file into parts, and stores each part as a separate document.

GridFS is very useful not only for storing files that exceed 16 MB but also for storing files that you want to have access to without having to load the entire file onto your device.

Open Source & Open Standards

MongoDB is an open source, general-purpose database that is reinventing data management and powering big data. Designed for how we build and run applications today, MongoDB empowers organisations to be more agile and scalable.

It enables new types of applications, better customer experience, faster time to market and lower costs for organisations of all sizes.

The best Mongo DB Experts you’ll ever find

As a MongoDB Advanced Partner, Xpand IT is the reference partner to deliver MongoDB planning and implementation. With successful deployments in several companies around the world, we work to create custom solutions using the leading NoSQL Database.

Our Big Data & Analytics portfolio was carefully tailored to allow us to engage customers in distinct stages of their Big Data adoption journey so that we can build lasting partnership relationships with our customers.

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