We streamline your web apps

We seek to streamline your web apps, relying on Javascript technology for the back end. Using Node.js alongside React.js or Angular presents huge advantages in streamlining and in reusing solutions, be it frontend or backend.

Our team of experts in Node.js has the ability to envision, design, and implement new apps, based on flexible methodologies, using the npm open source technology portfolio.

Consulting in Node.js

Technical support from experts

Personalised implementing of apps

Integrating existing systems

Why Node.js technology?

Fast, scalable and highly “parallel” apps

Node.js was designed to be a free-from-blockage technology, oriented towards events, and to remain light and efficient, therefore addressing, in real time, apps with a lot of data that can run on distributed devices.

This description may look like a collection of disconnected words, but in practice, these words give shape to a platform designed to implement web servers, highly scalable and capable of dealing with a considerable amount of simultaneous links and big requests.

Traditional methodologies work with various threads, while Node.js uses only one thread. This means that a traditional server with 8 GB of RAM can manage 4,000 concurrent links (in theory), while a Node.js system can manage more than 1 million concurrent links.

Model management from Node Package Manager

Node Package Manager (npm) is a content management system that comes integrated with each Node.js installation. This system already has a large amount of reusable components that are characterised by very simple installation, including the management of versions and hierarchies. This system is a huge help to our experts in developing your apps.

Fullstack Javascript

Node.js is a revolutionary technology in the informatics world, because it was an initiative that was able to bring Javascript technology to the backend.

This means that it is possible to use Javascript on both servers and portals, therefore facilitating the reuse of functions at both ends, decreasing the amount of repeated code and improving team knowledge of the whole project, since the language used is common right across the project. Javascript is trending and is one of the most known and used languages around the world.

The best Node.js experts you’ll ever find

With a team specialised in Node.js, we are the ideal partner to guarantee the agility and scalability of your applications.

Our experts idealise, design, and implement new applications and ensure technical support and integration with existing systems in your company.

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