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We believe that Jira Software is an excellent tool, not only due to its issue and project-tracking capabilities, but also because you can tune it with amazing add-ons to make it an even better platform.

In this playbook, we unveil 10 of the coolest must-have Jira add-ons that you can easily find in the Atlassian Marketplace. These add-ons are currently used by Fortune 500 companies like Porsche, Audi, Vodafone, Lufthansa, Nike and Samsung, amongst others.

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What is Jira

Jira Software is the number one tool used by agile teams

It captures and organize issues, assign work and follows the team activity. Teams collaborate better, and they spend less time managing and more time actually developing high-quality software. You don’t need to be a tech ninja to work with Jira.

In fact, it is accessible to any person on your team. As a flexible issue tracker, it helps to manage all the different issues within projects, versions, dependencies, relations, defects and others.

Jira is the right tool to
organize tasks, plan your releases
and manage your projects

How Jira can help you



Jira Software is known worldwide by developers, testers and project managers for its project management and issue tracking capabilities.

In Jira, the team concept is crucial, it provides an excellent team collaboration environment, so everyone is in the loop throughout the development cycle. You can always

keep track of your project by choosing from several pre-built project reports. With Jira Query Language (JQL) you can personalize and create your unique customized reports and gadgets.

Atlassian Family

Jira alone is awesome and if you are having a blast working just with Jira, wait till you use the following products of the Atlassian family

Provides a modern and flexible service desk experience that streamlines customer requests.

Centralizes the knowledge base and project documentation for the team. It allows teams to create, organize and discuss their work.

A group and video chat tool that allows discussions to move throughout different tools and share progress instantaneously.

A Continuous Integration Platform that easily tie automated builds, tests and release in a single workflow.

The Git platform for professional teams. It is a code collaboration tool on steroids with flexible deployment models for development.

10 Coolest Add-ons for Jira

Although Jira is awesome, it can get even better

The Atlassian Marketplace is the platform for Atlassian customers to discover, try, and buy add-ons for Atlassian applications. Because there are thousands of them currently available, it is hard to find which one will work best for you.

We created this simple guide of the 10 coolest and most useful add-ons for Jira to help you be focused developing the best software.

Add-ons are software products that
extend Jira’s set of functionalities

ScriptRunner for Jira

Availability for: Jira Cloud, Jira Server
Vendor: Adaptavist
Installations: +15.000

ScriptRunner for Jira is an add-on to execute admin and workflow functions as scripts written in Groovy and other scripting languages, without having to write a full-blown add-on.

Administrators have the power of the Groovy programming language at their disposal to respond to events and transitions, manipulating Jira using the REST API.

Top Key Features

  • Compendium of easy-to-use workflow functions, JQL functions, listeners and services
  • Easy definition of custom field behaviours
  • Create your own calculated custom fields with Groovy

A use Case

Problem: Need the total time an issue remained in a specific status, in a specific team.

Solution: Use ScriptRunner to create new scripted fields that sum time.

Enhance and automate Jira workflows,
JQL functions, custom fields, listeners
and more using Groovy

Automation for Jira

Availability for: Jira Cloud, Jira Server
Vendor: Code Barrel Pty Ltd
Installations: +1.000

Automation for Jira puts global and project admins back in control by allowing them to configure powerful automation rules with ease. This add-on combines the functionality of dozens of individual add-ons with the ease of a visual rule builder, making it trivial to automate Jira without installing many different add-ons, learning Jira’s API or writing custom scripts!

Top Key Features

  • Over 16 ways to assign issues – load balanced, round-robin and many others
  • Keep sub-tasks and parent issues synchronized
  • Track SLAs

A use Case

  • Problem: Need to automate change status every time a specific type of issue is set as a blocker priority and has not been updated in more than 4 hours.
  • Solution: Use automation to set an action based in a JQL.

The simple way to automate your team

Tempo Timesheets

Availability for: Jira Cloud, Jira Server
Vendor: Tempo for Jira
Installations: +13.000

Tempo Timesheets is a time tracking and reporting solution that seamlessly integrates with Jira to help teams and managers track time for accounting, payroll, client billing, enhanced efficiency, and forecasting. Time tracking means getting things done.

Top Key Features

  • Multiple log work options for accurate time tracking
  • Build custom Jira dashboards with time tracking gadgets in real-time
  • Manage cost centers across your business, including CAPEX,OPEX, billable and internal time

A use Case

Problem: Need to have a team timesheet

Solution: Use the Team view in Tempo Timesheets

Painless time tracking, flexible reports,
better overview of work spent for billing and
payroll, and account management for Jira

Availability for: Jira Server
Vendor: ALM Works
Installations: +3.000

Structure add-on for Jira is a project and portfolio management tool. Whether you’re Agile, Scaled Agile, Waterfall, or something in between, you can create anything from personal backlogs to big-picture overviews of the entire company portfolio.

Structure lets you organize issues into hierarchies of any depth, so you can plan your projects in as much detail as you need.

Top Key Features

  • Organize issues into hierarchies
  • Asynchronous Index Writing
  • Integration with Portfolio for Jira

A use Case

Problem: Need to have a 3-tiered hierarchical issue structure.

Solution: Use Structure to create 3 levels of issues: Iniciative > Task > Sub-task

Enterprise-level Jira issue organization
with multi-level, cross-project
issue hierarchies

Jira Misc Custom Fields

Availability for: Jira Server
Vendor: Innovalog
Installations: +6.500

The Jira Misc Custom Fields objective is to provide several new types of custom fields for use in custom Jira workflows as well as useful JQL functions.

Top Key Features

  • Calculated String and Calculated Date Field types
  • Formula-based Calculated Custom Fields
  • Exact Text Searcher

A use Case

Problem: Need to know very clearly what was the status of the parent issue.

Solution: Use “Parent Status Field” provided by this add-on.

Custom Calculated Fields
and JQL Functions

Git Integration for Jira

Availability for: Jira Cloud, Jira Server
Vendor: BigBrassBand
Installations: +4.000

Git Integration for Jira allows you to view a summary of the Git tags, commits, and branches related to the Jira issue. It keeps your Jira issues moving through your development process while ensuring high quality by reviewing code inside Jira.

Top Key Features

  • Automatically import repositories from
  • Smart Commits: Assignee
  • Commits in Jira Dashboard Activity Stream

A use Case

Problem: Need to have clear traceability between an issue in Jira and a commit in GIT.

Solution: Use GIT Integration.

View Git Commits, Branches, Tags in Jira.
All Git servers including GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab,
TFS & VS Team Services supported

Xray for Jira

Availability for: Jira Server
Vendor: Xpand Add-Ons
Installations: +1.400

Xray is a Jira add-on for managing quality assurance tests which integrate seamlessly with Jira. It supports manual and automated tests and provides reports to track test coverage of your Jira projects. Xray includes a RESTful API out of the box.

Top Key Features

  • Manual & Automated Tests
  • Creation of test plans for tracking a set of tests and planned or ad hoc test executions
  • Integration with automated test frameworks and libraries

A use Case

Problem: Need clear traceability between user stories, tests specifications, test executions and bugs

Solution: Use Xray and create tests that cover user stories, and associated test executions that may have defects (bugs)

Manual & Automated Test Management Add-on for
Test Case Management, Software Testing and
Quality Assurance in Jira

eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira

Availability for: Jira Server
Vendor: EazyOne
Installations: +2.000

eazyBI is a report, charts, and dashboards add-on for Jira. It is an drag-and-drop tool for analyzing and visualizing your Jira issues data. It analyzes Jira issues by using standard and custom issue fields, identifying trends and top/bottom performers. It starts from a summary overview and drill into details eazyBI supports Jira Software (Agile) custom fields, Jira Service Desk custom fields, Tempo Timesheets custom fields and Xray test management data.

Top Key Features

  • Jira Software data import
  • Transactional Deployment & Customized Rollback Strategy
  • Workflow Scheme Migration

A use Case

Problem: Need to know which tests are taking longer and compromising project progress

Solution: Use the XRAY Test performance bottleneck provided
by eazyBI

Create easy to use custom Jira
reports, charts and dashboard gadgets

Xporter for Jira

Availability for: Jira Cloud, Jira Server
Vendor: Xpand Add-Ons
Installations: +1.500

Xporter is a Jira add-on to export data from Jira into reliable, structured and comprehensive information documentation. It exports issues to DOCX, XLSX, PDF, ODT, and SVG, using Microsoft Word & Excel Templates.

Top Key Features

  • Define templates in DOCX, XLSX, RTF or ODT files, upload and configure through Jira Administration
  • Single and multiple issue export to PDF, DOCX, XLSX, RTF, ODT, PNG and SVG
  • Export from the Jira Service Desk Customer Portal

A use Case

Problem: Need to send a custom report with additional information about the project to customers that don’t have access to Jira.

Solution: Create a report that combines text and issue information in a custom MS Word template.

Single and multiple issue export to
supporting Word and Excel Templates

Configuration Manager

Availability for: Jira Server
Vendor: Broton Software
Installations: +1.000

Configuration Manager for Jira is a deployment and configuration automation tool, allowing automated rollout of system or project configuration snapshots with intuitive UI and audit trail. This add-on will help to minimize errors so you can deploy new configurations to production Jira systems with confidence.

Top Key Features

  • Multi-project snapshots
  • Configuration Integrity
  • Deployment progress visualization

A use Case

Problem: Having different Jira instances to test new developments, workflows and screens.

Solution: Use Configuration Manager to save time when migrating configuration

Automated migration
of project configuration with deep
change and impact analysis

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