The 5 best javascript chart libraries


Another day goes by and our businesses continue to expand the amount of data they are producing. But how useful is this data to us if we cannot even see it? Here in Xpand IT, we build dashboards and use charts to organise and clarify this data, for you, your business and your clients – so you can have access to all the important information organized.

To create those charts, we can use libraries to help achieve business goals. For web-based applications, most of those libraries are developed in JavaScript.

There are multiple Javascript chart libraries; some are free, some are paid, and the choice can be made according to the specific project needs. Find out more in this free playbook!


What to look for in javascript chart libraries:

  • Compatibility
  • Customisation
  • Frameworks
  • Animations
  • Chart types
  • Library files
  • Price

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Ana PaneiroThe 5 best javascript chart libraries – How to choose?