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Our focus is on finding the real use cases for AI using best-of-breed technologies.

The AI Solutions Center is our way of stating that now is the time to embrace AI and to help organizations to infuse intelligence into their systems.

Our team is highly specialized, and we want to work together with you to develop real-life scenarios where AI can make a difference – with a clear understanding of what to expect from the technologies we use and projects/solutions we develop together.

We are addressing the AI challenge in two ways:

  • An AI-as-a-service approach, where we will use pre-packaged AI services to infuse intelligence into the solutions we build/complement.
  • A Data Science approach, where we will look at the challenge through a different lens, with the objective of creating the best solutions for the customer using specific technology, restructured models.

How Can We Help?


Discussion about the Art-of-the-Possible when it comes to AI. You bring the knowledge about your business and your challenges – we will help you understand where and how AI Solutions Center can help.


After the initial set of requirements is defined, the first step is to create a prototype as quickly as possible to validate our proposed approach and start getting results that move us forward – or back to the drawing board.


After the approach is validated, a project should be defined in order to take things to the next level. This is where we specify the scope of what could be one or more specific initiatives where AI will be used.


An AI project is not a normal software development project, especially when it comes to the results we obtain. The more we train our models, validate the results and iterate – the better we’ll get. We can work with you and help you along the way.

Technology Use Case

Conversational Interfaces

Chat bots have recently been gaining more and more exposure. The fact is, if the use case is strong and they are implemented correctly and made available on the rights channels, they can help people fulfil some tasks in a more human-like way – almost like having a conversation with someone that knows how to help you in a specific task. This applies to industries like Retail, Healthcare and Banking, among others.

We believe in creating experiences that are more human and this is the focus when implementing a Chat Bot – making sure, of course, that they’re helping people get things done.

AI Solutions Center Conversational Interfaces

Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis

In many real world scenarios, the amount of information sent as text that has to be processed by humans is huge. That being said, it is still expected from humans to be able to process, prioritise and execute based on all that information as quickly as possible. We think AI can be a great help in this.

By using specific techniques, we can not only make sense of the information we process, but we can also evaluate some interesting variables – for instance, inferring the state of mind of the person that wrote something. Our focus is on using these AI components to quickly read, assess and delegate/solve specific issues – all based on what was read. Whether we want to process information from an email box or a set of issues created on a Service Desk application, we can infuse that process with intelligence to help analyse and categorise information.

Image and Video Processing

There are several use cases where there’s a physical limitation to what humans can perceive and interpret from images or videos, and this is another area where AI can make a difference. By being able to learn from a set of data that is fed to it, an AI solution can learn to identify elements in images or videos that would take more time to be classified by humans or even, in some cases, would go unnoticed.

Whether we are talking about face recognition as an authentication method for an app or finding specific products via a live video feed, there is now a way to build an initial solution to face this challenge.

AI Solutions Center Image and Video Processing

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Technologies and Partners

There are a number of companies focused on bringing the value proposition of AI to life with their own technology stack. As a AI Solutions Center, we’re always looking for the best solutions, and at this moment this is our most relevant partner.

When designed with people at the centre, AI can extend your capabilities, free you up for more creative and strategic endeavours, and help you or your organisation achieve more. The opportunities that AI brings to people are endless and its ability to help us achieve more is key. But it’s also important to build all the solutions upon an ethical foundation.

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