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We help companies embrace the power of AI

Our mission is to help companies embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence, unlocking new opportunities and growth for their businesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a highly popular technology, and companies that deploy it can achieve better business outcomes, improve experiences and scalability, enhance productivity, reduce costs, etc. However, since it’s inherently complex, knowing where and how to start implementing it can sometimes be challenging. As such, it’s our goal to support companies while adopting AI, finding real use cases that can be applied in many different business realities.

Our AI Solutions Centre is focused on helping companies kickstart their AI journeys, offering companies the opportunity to embrace AI and start infusing intelligence into their organisational systems.

Our highly specialised AI team collaborates with you to develop real-life scenarios where Artificial Intelligence can make a difference with the right set of expectations. Our team strives to communicate what you can expect from the technologies we use and the solutions and projects we develop together.

We address AI projects in two different ways:

AI as-a-Service

Addressing Artificial Intelligence projects with an AI-as-a-Service approach, we use out-of-box and pre-packaged AI services to incorporate intelligence into the solutions we develop, for instance, Azure Cognitive Services. This is a cost-effective and reliable approach for those who wish to start an AI journey and infuse intelligence in their digital solutions, making AI accessible to everyone in the organisation’s ecosystem.

Custom AI

Using a Data Science approach, we address AI projects with a completely different lens. By adopting a wholly personalised analysis of the challenge, we aim to create the best solutions for our clients using specific technology adapted to the organisation’s reality.  This is a flexible approach where we focus on developing company-specific AI solutions targeting a particular client challenge.

How can we help?

Implementing AI projects is a process with different stages. Our AI team has the technological know-how to help you adopt this technology and assist you in designing AI solutions that cater to your specific business needs. Depending on the approach you decide to follow, we have different tools to help your AI initiatives take off the ground:

Discovery Workshop

Together, we discuss the art of possible when it comes to AI. You, more than anyone, know your business and your challenges. Xpand IT’s team will help you understand where and how our AI Solutions centre can better assist you.


The next step is, after we define an initial set of requirements, to create a prototype to validate our approach. The goal is to start getting results – essential information we use to decide whether we should move forward or get back to the drawing board.

Solution Design

After we validate the approach, we should define a project to take things to the next level. This is the stage where we specify the scope of what could be specific AI initiatives.

Continuous Improvement

Finally, an AI project differs from any other software development project, especially regarding results. The more we train the models, validate results and iterate, the better we’ll get. We’ll support you throughout this journey.

Technology use cases

Chatbots are an essential tool for the world of digital experiences we live in. However, they need to be implemented correctly and made available in the proper channels if we’re to help people fulfil their tasks in an increasingly human-like and empathetic way. We believe in creating human-centred experiences; this is our main focus while implementing a chatbot – never forgetting that we’re helping people get things done.

It’s no secret that we produce an astounding amount of information daily. That information needs to be processed, prioritised and executed as quickly as possible, and that’s exactly where AI can help. Our focus on using these AI components is to quickly read, assess, infer different variables (such as sentiment) and solve/delegate specific issues – all based on text analytics. Depending on your goal, we can create a process infused with intelligence that helps you analyse and categorise information.

Similarly to what happens with text, this is another area where AI can be of great help. There’s a limit to what we, as humans, can perceive and interpret from images and videos. An AI solution can learn from a set of data to identify elements in images or videos in a fraction of the time that a human would need to process it. Whether you need to consider face recognition as an authentication method for your digital solution or find specific products/elements, we can help you build a solution to help you become more efficient and productive.

We generate a massive amount of data daily. AI can play a central role in decision-making by automating requirements and enabling faster problem-solving and more accurate decision processes. An AI model can be based on certain assumptions for making decisions, helping business leaders understand and organise data so that meaningful decisions can be made based on the information provided.

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