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We help you strengthen relationships with your customers using CRM platforms

Businesses have been progressively feeling the need to have information about their customers and business in one place, stored in such a way that it can be cross-referenced so that the management has oversight of everything they need to make good decisions. Using CRM platforms, we help your business get a 360º vision of the sales cycle, manage opportunities, evaluate marketing campaigns, and handle many other tasks.

We have a multidisciplinary team with ability to help you from different perspectives, right through from identifying your needs and goals to implementing solutions. We bring our extensive experience and knowledge of different areas of business to design the best approach, always oriented to your business.

How can we help?

Defining a strategy

We are the leading partner of choice to help you define a strategy that allows you to achieve your goals while minimising risks. We have the necessary knowledge to design a CRM architecture suited to your business model.

Specialised consulting

Our experts have a thorough understanding of the platforms shown in our portfolio and in-depth knowledge can make a difference when you’re implementing a CRM strategy and solutions. Besides, we offer complimentary services in analytics, development, testing and data governance.


We help with the licensing process necessary to implement CRM solutions with MS Dynamics 365 technology, advising on the best modules, editions and types of licenses.

Technology use cases

Smart sales

Sales is a CRM module dedicated to the sales process. This solution helps you automate tasks and integrate sales, marketing and customer service management in a single platform, with the ability to create customisable reports.

This solution is extremely personalised and can easily be launched via an artificial intelligence system.

All the experience is available to any device, from sales estimate to the graph concerning sales team performance.

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Marketing automation

Automated marketing is more and more a question for all businesses.

An easy-to-use platform that allows you to create one-to-one customer journeys via e-mail, advertisements or websites. It can connect marketing and sales in one place and automate B2B communications, cross-reference analytic information from other sources and build personalised emails or even interact with clients on social media. All in one platform.

A stronger connection to your customer

Service from Dynamics 365 allows you to integrate all support offered by your business to your customers in only one platform.

Its goals are to make self-service help available, using artificial intelligence to answer support requests faster, make better decisions using data on customer behaviour, forge better connections between call-centres and field teams, and more.

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Integration into your business

Using CRM platforms, we guarantee integration with countless existing systems.

Our experts have extensive experience in systems integration. Xpand IT’s know-how will effortlessly help your business link up its existing systems with all the features that typical CRM platforms offer.

Case studies

Process Management with Salesforce

FLAD uses Salesforce on a daily basis and as a transversal platform. The solution proposed by Xpand IT was to correct incorrect processes.

NGO case Help Images

In this transformation the first goal tackled was the upgrade from the Classic version of Salesforce to the Lightning version.

Revolutionise the business of waste

First Mile mission is to revolutionise the business of waste by betting on ‘best of breed’ technologies. Learn how the did it.

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