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Companies know that Business Processes Automation is a key approach for increasing productivity and re-energising businesses, making them more competitive. What are your application integration plans?

Our secret is a multi-disciplinary team with mastery in SOA, BPM, API Management, EIP and Middleware, a flexible and interactive approach (fully mapped with CMMI), and power technology partners like WSO2.

With several years of experience with SOA, EAI, ESB, BPM, API Management and BAM projects, we can help you to achieve all the benefits of better-managed processes by delivering integrated, industry-leading solutions to improve quality, productivity and innovation.

How Can We Help?


We can help you to build a strategy that will let you achieve your integration goals and minimise the risk involved. We have the expertise to provide you with a complete vision of what your Integration Architecture should be.


Our experts can help implement a complete Middleware strategy. Our team has leading skills in SOA Design, ESB Implementation, and BPM Solutions, providing services such as Architecture Definition, Analysis, Development, Testing, Training and Governance.


Xpand IT experts have many years of experience in Fortune 500 Companies. Our certified professionals have in-depth knowledge in middleware solutions, such as WSO2.

Technology Use Case

Corporate Middleware Implementation

In large organisations, system proliferation is a reality, increasing the need for data and process integration. Without a proper architecture, this challenge can turn into a complex and heterogeneous integration, creating strong dependencies and limitations on processes and systems. Xpand IT has extensive successful ESB implementation expertise that ensures sustainable growth of your business systems, allowing them to yield business efficiency and opportunities.


Departmental Systems Integration

As organisations grow, the need for departmental solutions able to tackle specific business challenges rises. Because integration is also critical to support business operations, it is essential that a finely tuned architecture is put into place to create the foundations of information exchange. An SOA approach and an EAI architecture offer a smooth and effective integration of information between business applications and processes.

Partner Integrations with API Management

If you have internal and external partners and applications that require data integration with your core systems, then API Management is the best approach for your business. A full API Management solution unlocks the potential of services and data, providing a central security enforcement entry point and a simplified platform to expose and manage your APIs. This process helps you in getting more business, facilitating partner onboarding and adding extra value to your infrastructure use through API monetisation.


Managing Business Processes Effectively

Have you ever wondered how you could optimise your business? Removing bottlenecks and creating optimisation points for your processes not only reduces cost and risks but also allow your business to be competitive and innovative. BPM solutions offer you a framework to continuously measure and optimise your organisation’s processes, providing the capability to improve and create efficiencies in the way you do business.

Case Studies

ECM system for handling and classification

Brisa selected Xpand IT to deliver a structured service that could grow easily, be highly responsive, improve customer experience and that could be used by every department. Red Hat/JBoss powered this project.

SOA strategy with Red Hat software

Cetelem implemented an SOA strategy using Red Hat/JBoss Middleware solutions. The strategic plan proposed by Xpand IT led to reduced costs and increased organisational productivity.

Order management with Red Hat/JBoss

Xpand IT has implemented a new Order Management solution at Via Verde. The entire OM platform was developed from scratch to pursue the goal of having a configurable framework based on BPM processes.

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Technologies & Partners

Xpand IT delivers WSO2 consultancy with successful deployments in many companies around the world. As WSO2 Experts, we integrate new technologies, departments and partners using open source enterprise middleware.

Our SOA & Enterprise Middleware portfolio is carefully tailored to allow us to engage customers in different stages of their middleware adoption journey so that we can build lasting partnership relationships.