We guarantee your portal’s performance on all platforms

At Xpand IT, we aim to ensure the speed and performance of your apps or portals, relying on technology that offers effective assurance that it will deliver quality developments in the most agile manner possible, across any platform. Angular speeds up development since it is based on components, which are later reused. Being an agnostic language concerning the platform(s) on which it will run, we follow the motto: “program once, program all”.

Consulting in Angular and UX/UI

Technical support from experts

Personalised implementation of portals/apps

Management and testing of portals/apps

Why use Angular technology?

High performance

Angular is a language focused on the performance of your portal. With Angular, performance is assured by relying on techniques where components are separated from their dependencies. In this way, they can run in parallel, using Angular Universal, which is a service that allows the rendering of app views on the server, instead of in client browsers.

It’s just Javascript

Similar to other technologies such as React or Node.js, Angular is “just” Javascript. It’s present in the Javascript stack, with all the advantages that this brings. By choosing a full-stack Javascript solution, we ensure there’s less code cloning and more intervention by our experts throughout the whole process of architecting a solution.

Building to all platforms

Angular is very versatile and allows us to build apps for all platforms. It is considered to be an agnostic framework when it comes to the platforms on which it will run. Relying on “partner” frameworks such as NativeScript, it’s then possible to develop various platforms for the same app.

Used by big companies

Angular has been chosen by many top companies, such as Google, TAP, AT&T and Microsoft. This is proof of trust in the technology and that it is reliable enough to be used in business environments with a high throughput and the need for a significant scale.

No one knows Angular like us

As experts in Angular, we guarantee the maximum performance of your applications and portals, in any platform, ensuring speed during the development.

With our team specializing in Custom Development and projects in numerous reference companies, we are the ideal partner to present the best development solutions tailored to your company.

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