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We live in an era of new challenges where digital transformation has become a reality. The digitization of processes is generating much more data. The analysis of this data to obtain relevant information is essential, allowing to foster innovation and improve decision-making.

Transformation is, by nature, a process that involves uncertainty, but how do we measure success? This is where analytics plays a fundamental role, allowing us to analyse the impact of change and establish a process of continuous improvement, where the established strategy is always evaluated and adjusted.

Furthermore, by analysing and exploiting existing data, it is possible to identify trends more quickly, answer different questions on a daily basis, and improve decision-making, with processes based on facts and not just knowledge. This approach, when disseminated across the various levels of an organisation, enables the establishment of a truly data-driven culture, focused on innovation and value.

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Implementing business intelligence and analytics strategies and solutions involves several steps that require specific know-how. Xpand IT has a specialised team to take you on this journey. With this service, Xpand IT provides the know-how, not just technical, but also in terms of best practices, allowing you to minimise the associated risk and maximise the value obtained at each step of the process.

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Success Stories

Revolutionising the recycling business

First Mile’s mission is to revolutionise the recycling business by investing in the best technologies, always with the aim of eradicating waste.

Integrating systems with BI

The creation of a BI area was identified as a priority. Therefore, a solution that integrates all Conceito’s systems was implemented.

WI-FI telemetry with Pentaho

Nomad Digital needed to integrate all their data from different systems into a single data warehouse, capable of storing historical information.

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