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We Believe that Business Intelligence is Much Broader than Dashboards & Reports

Organisations around the globe are already using self-service BI to aid business analysts and data scientists in identifying meaningful insights without relying on technical teams. On the other hand, organisations with established Data Warehouses are either using data integration tools to keep costs low and blend data from a variety of sources or moving on to Big Data technologies to extend their capabilities.

We can help you achieve all this with our extensive know-how in several industries, and key technological partnerships with Tableau – the leading self-service BI solution – and Pentaho – an open source platform with strong Big Data integration and embedding capabilities, enabling you to define and implement the best BI strategy.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions


Looking to implement a modern BI strategy to empower users and create a truly data driven culture? We can help by taking you all the way through the process by defining roles, actions and establishing a BI competence centre.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions


When doing analysis, our experts can help throughout this process, from data model definition to the actual ETL processes implementation. Our experience goes beyond traditional technologies, all the way to the Big Data world.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions


Users interact with BI solutions through dashboards and reports. While having a technical background is important to meet implementation challenges, we take this further and combine it with a team responsible for the design and the user experience.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions


Doing analytics is a step further than traditional BI, enabling new insights into data. Whether it is a matter of applying business rules or complex machine learning algorithms, we have the necessary know-how to help you succeed.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions


As Pentaho and Tableau Partners, we are entitled to provide training on these technologies. Our team includes We have a team of trainers with worldwide experience who can provide advanced training sessions that can be customised.

Technology Use Case

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

Pentaho Data Integration as Big Data ETL Platform

Pentaho Data Integration is the ETL tool for Big Data. It has connectors for the most well-known NoSQL databases, drivers and bulk loaders for many analytical databases, and besides that, it allows developing MapReduce through a graphical UI.

All this is available through a GUI that is very user-friendly, thus not only lowering the barriers to using these technologies but also giving a development cycle that is much more efficient. Orchestrating traditional technologies together with your Big Data implementation has never been so easy and flexible.

Pentaho Embedded Analytics

Software vendors across multiple business areas realise that providing analytical capabilities is an excellent way to bring value to their customers. However, when the time comes to implement them, they usually face a significant challenge, either going for a custom development solution that is very flexible but complex or choosing an existing BI product that makes it easier but usually comes with integration limitations.

Pentaho is the ideal solution for this problem. It is a full-blown analytics suite, but one that is highly flexible and thus can be tailored to answer the most complex requirements. It uses specific visual components, integrates with third-party systems for security and creates themes that mimic your current applications, which can be achieved with Pentaho Business Analytics.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions
Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

Custom Analytics Portal

Creating an analytics portal that will be used by many users with multiple profiles is a complicated process. You need to ensure the information is carefully presented in a way that people will easily perceive it and guide them through the analysis.

To achieve the best results, you will likely want to look for visualisation components that might need to be customised or to find the best strategy to achieve optimal performance. This is where Pentaho comes into play by being highly customisable BI software that not only comes with a lot of built-in functionality but also lets you extend it according to your needs.

Making analytics easy with Tableau

Nowadays most companies have BI systems already deployed. But are they able to cope with self-service analytics and data exploration needs? The most common answer is ‘no’, because self-service BI requires an entirely different approach, that traditional BI tools cannot cope with.

Users need the tool to be intuitive, guide them in their analysis and make them more agile. Tableau is the perfect platform for this job and can be used to complement traditional BI technologies, taking users all the way on a journey of data discovery and knowledge sharing Made Easy and enabling users to perform the discovery process autonomously.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

Case Studies

Municipality Transparency Portal with Pentaho

The Municipal Transparency Portal enables exploration of more than 100 KPIs about the 308 Portuguese municipalities, gathering data from different public databases and publishing it in a simplified way accessible to every citizen.

Using Pentaho to build a complete BI Solution for Public Administration

Xpand IT’s strategic plan and its implementation allowed AIRC to integrate the best features of open source technologies to build a BI Solution able to meet new challenges and business goals in the Public Administration and local business market.

Managing Marketing Campaigns using Pentaho Reports

Xpand IT integrated Pentaho Business Analytics into HTK’s CRM application. The development team delivered combined reports for two editions of HTK’s Horizon online SaaS software’–“Lite” and “Professional” – to specification in only five weeks.

Using Tableau to effectively manage Huge loads of Telco data

Celfinet integrated Tableau on Vismon Manager and Vismon Observer, two leading products that allow analysis of network configuration and drive test data for telco operators. It reduced time-to-market for new dashboards and simplification of a business rules app.

Near real-time BI Road Maintenance Solution with Pentaho

Xpand IT implemented a near real-time BI platform for the maintenance of Brisa’s infrastructure. This project simplified Brisa’s network event analysis process, making it easier for users to detect current problems in a near real-time environment.

Comprehensive BI Banking solution with Pentaho

Xpand IT helped build this BI solution, which allows a bank to use it as the primary source of BI information across different areas. It is fully integrated with a core banking system, including security, which was only possible due to the flexibility provided by Pentaho.

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