Simplify and accelerate your Java development

We look to simplify and accelerate your web applications using the Spring framework to develop back-end applications.

The use of Java/Spring, in conjunction with React or Angular frontends, has enormous advantages of agility and solution reuse.

Our team of experts in the Spring framework can idealize, design and implement new applications based on agile methodologies using the Spring framework.

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Why the Spring framework?

The Spring framework is divided into modules, which simplifies the choice of components to use in any application:

Core: provides basic features like DI (dependency injection), internationalization, validation and AOP (aspect-oriented programming)

Data: supports data access via JTA (Java Transaction API), JPA (Java Persistence API) and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

Web: supports the Servlet API (Spring MVC) and recently the Reactive API (Spring WebFlux), additionally supporting WebSockets, STOMP and WebClient

Integration: Supports integration with Enterprise Java through JMS (Java Message Service), JMX (Java Management Extension) and RMI (Remote Method Invocation)

Testing: Support for unit testing and integration through Mock Objects, Context Management and Cache

Boot: Provides a set of highly extensible templates, which allow you to create standalone applications (applications with embedded containers, e.g. Tomcat) quickly.

Cloud: Provides support for the easy development of common patterns in distributed systems; helping to reduce the effort to implement these standards on local, remote or managed (PaaS) platforms.

Security: Provides a robust mechanism for highly configurable authentication and authorization.

Usability and Security

One of the main aspects of the Spring framework’s popularity is its ease of use. The multiple options for configuration and standardization facilitate developers’ work to start and / configure precisely what they need in the applications they intend to build.

Spring has a proven track record of dealing with security issues quickly and responsibly. Spring committers work with security professionals to fix and test any reported vulnerabilities. Also, Spring Security makes it easy to integrate industry-standard security schemes.

Productivity and Flexibility

Spring Boot optimizes the way Java programming tasks are approached, combining several needs, such as application context, embedded web server and autoconfiguration.

To guarantee an even faster solution, combining Spring Boot with the support libraries, standards and models of the Spring Cloud, we can implement architectures based on microservices in the Cloud in record time. Spring’s flexible and comprehensive set of extensions and libraries allows you to create almost any application imaginable.

The best Spring framework experts

spring framework experts

Whether the goal is to build microservices, secure, reactive, Cloud-Based or complex data/streaming flows for the company, Spring provides the necessary tools.

With a specialized and certified team in Spring, we are the ideal partner to guarantee your applications’ agility and scalability. Come meet our Spring framework experts!

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