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We leverage the value of your data using Data Science techniques

The value of data is recognised across all sectors, and exploiting it is a differentiating factor that can bring a competitive advantage or even change the nature of a business. Data science is a trendy field since it applies new techniques, methods and technologies to old problems which unlock the full potential of the data and uncover hidden patterns.

The knowledge required for the implementation of Data Science solutions ranges from the need to present a critical sense of the data, through statistics and machine learning algorithms, or even distributed implementations, allowing the production of solutions at scale.

The Data Science unit has the ability to facilitate the implementation of the most complex solutions, ensuring the success of the partnership while using a project framework to reduce the natural uncertainty of a Data Science project.

How can we help?


You know your business, and Xpand IT knows the most efficient Data Science techniques to solve your problems. We can collaborate strategically, identifying the potential of the solutions and how it can be applied to the different areas of business.


We help organizations assess the feasibility of applying data science techniques to solve specific challenges in their industry. With a few consulting sessions, we can identify the problem and explore the potential of the company’s data, reducing the risk associated with implementing a solution in this area.


The success of DS initiatives should be measured not only in the produced model metrics but also in business-related KPIs attached to the deployment and monitoring of that solution and in the end ensuring it keeps being relevant. With a complete vision of the solution, Xpand IT is your ideal partner to implement and maintain the entire process.

Big Data Science

Sometimes the volume, speed or diversity of data requires the use of big data technologies. With vast expertise in Big Data Platforms, the Xpand IT team can also collaborate on the implementation of large-scale Data Science solutions.

Technology use cases

Anomaly or fraud detection

In a hyper-connected world, where many events and transactions are conducted without human input and on an unprecedented scale, being able to identify and react to a fraud or anomaly in a timely manner is critical.

The detection of these anomalies can be performed using data science techniques and, because in many cases reaction time is essential, it is possible to implement solutions that apply data science models to near real-time events.

data science; soluções de data science


Forecasting methods have existed for several years. However, the techniques and algorithms now available are much more complete and capable.

The usage of Deep learning, one of the most trending ML areas, together with Big Data platforms allow much more predictive capability over larger amounts of data and with an even better prediction capability.


In a world increasingly focused on the customer and customisation, and in which brands increasingly seek to offer products and services in line with the tastes of individuals, being able to categorise a customer accurately and assessing and incorporating a high number of characteristics in that typification, becomes a distinct advantage over the competition.

Through modern Data Science techniques and Big Data platforms it is possible to provide detailed information to brands about their customers.

Preventive maintenance

Being able to determine ahead of time when equipment failure is most likely to occur has a huge impact on a company’s service quality and operating costs.

Well-implemented Data Science strategies can be used precisely to predict disadvantageous situations, acting as a clear added value for organisations.


Preventive Maintenance

Demand Forecast


Fraud Detection

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